Third Party Clients

Third Party Clients

The below is a list of our third-party clients who may contact you with the purpose of connecting you with a telecommunications solution.


Our extensive list of clients has been carefully curated to provide a wide range of cell phone contract, data contract and FTTH contract solutions.


By partnering with multiple third-party clients, we have ensured that our customers receive the most extensive deal comparison service possible. Our extensive list of solutions is only possible thanks to our third-party network, and it is something which we are truly proud of.


Customers are now able to receive not only Network solutions (from the four main Networks in South Africa), but also as Mobile Virtual Network Services (MVNO) solutions which provide Credit-Friendly options for customers with low scores or blacklist statuses and who would otherwise not be assisted past the main Network.


Through our proprietary technology, customers will be directed to the most appropriate third-party to get connected with the most relevant deal.

Mobile Clients

– Phonefinder

– Mondo Mobile (Telkom, MTN, Vodacom)

– Cell C


– Telkom

– Vodacom

– Big World Mobile (Blue Label Cellular)

– United Call Centre Solutions (Blue Label Cellular, Value Added Services)

– Intellicell

– Clientele Mobile

– The Unlimited Group 

– FNB Connect

– The Ignition Group (Upgrades for Telkom, MTN, Vodacom, Value Added Services)
– Fibre Compare

– MWeb

– Vox

– Rocket Net

– RSA Web

– Supersonic

– Clear Access

– Vodacom

– Giga Go

– BitCo

– Home Connect

– Cool Ideas

– Packet Sky

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