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Your information will be securely submitted to our Service Provider partners. Our partners will find you a great New Cell Phone Contract to suite your credit profile! Once approved, you will receive a phone call.

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As part of the New Cell Phone Deals offering we will periodically send you marketing information from our Finance and Insurance partners to keep you informed of competitive products.

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What next?

Credit Score

Right now the Networks are checking your credit score.
Please allow for up to 24 hours for your score to come through (we know that is long, but it is what the networks have asked us to allow for).

Expect a call from a sales agent

This may come shortly, or within 24 hours (please expect a delay over the weekends) Depending on your credit score you may be contacted by a Network sales agent or Mobile Virtual Network Service (MVNO) sales agent

Credit Score Pass
Passing the credit score means that the Network is interested in having you on as a customer!
To pass you cannot have any defaults against your name and your income must be over R4,500 per month. You will know if you passed if you receive a phone call from the Network.

Credit Score Fail
Please note that you are likely to fail the credit score if you: have a default against your name, earn under R4,500 per month, are blacklisted or are unemployed.
Should your score be too low for the Network they will be unwilling to sell you a contract.
However this does not mean the end of the road! As part of our service we will pass you onto our Credit Friendly Service Providers who will offer you an equally attractive deal.